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EPA Financial Services is one of the oldest financial services firms in Ocean County.  EPA Financial Services was started in 1977 by Bob Richards and his wife, Jeanne, and together they developed a distinct style of financial services. When they started EPA Financial Services both Bob and Jeanne had envisioned the office to be a family-atmosphere office, where staff and clients alike could feel like they were at home and among people they knew. Since 1977, Bob has developed EPA Financial Services into a financial planning-based practice where the advisors offer a wide range of services (EPA Financial Services Menu of Services can be found under the Important Information tab at the top of this screen), but much of it is based on the principles of financial planning. Along with his daughter Heather, who is also an advisor, Bob enjoys researching investments, the markets, and the economy. Heather now runs EPA Financial Services and continues to have the same vision for EPA Financial as her father and mother had all those years ago.  


To learn more about EPA Financial Services' advisors and staff, please see the Our Team page.




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